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Meet Judith

Judith Stephens is a Master Business and Spiritual Money Mentor. A consummate professional, financial expert, as well a mother and grandmother, Judith takes her clients on a spiritual and financial journey from stability to affluence, from enough to more than enough. “It’s your birthright,” Judith shares.

With her corporate and entrepreneurial backgrounds, Judith is well versed in the wide variety of financial products, strategies, and philosophies available to mature women today. The experiences she has gained from earning her MBA in Finance & Marketing, working in major corporations and emerging businesses, serving on corporate and nonprofit Boards of Directors, building multiple businesses, as a financial consultant to diverse corporate executives, entrepreneurs, companies, and communities, helped her see countless investment and wealth-building strategies and opportunities.

It’s allowed her to see the variety of ways uninformed women are scammed out of their life savings because they do not know how to protect their own money interests. It’s not just knowing how to make money, or how and where to invest it. It’s vital to know that building wealth is not about working hard. Financial affluence — wealth maintenance — is about developing an inspired and applied spiritual consciousness while working with teams that nurture and support your financial and life success.

Judith works with aging women who want to be more than financially self-sufficient, and have more than enough. Not only does she help women see the potential of building leveraged wealth, she helps them discover how to live the lifestyle they want, right now.

Judith advises senior women entrepreneurs, business owners, pre-retiree professionals, and retired professionals who want to create more income — to earn more, grow it, invest, and manage it well. Her clients want a community of peers and great experiences to share and enjoy along the way. They want financial ease and adventure while achieving and maintaining greater financial safety and security.

The world needs more rich and money smart senior women. As a Baby Boomer, Judith is well aware that expected retirement vehicles (social security, pension funds, deferred compensation, savings and accumulated assets) may not be available to finance the next 25 years of one’s life. At this time, we are undergoing the greatest transfer of money and wealth in history. We are expected to live an average of 85 years. And most women will be single at some point in their lives.

How will you fund those years? You likely will need to protect your inheritance and create a legacy for your loved ones, generate additional funds to sustain you and your legacy. You will need to learn about money, get comfortable having and making more of it, talk about it in safe, non-threatening environments, and experience the benefits — freedom and joy — of choosing wealth. That’s where Judith comes in!

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Judith today so you learn more and become money rich as you mature.